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Youth Internship Program

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The African Collaborative Network's Internship Program is a transformative initiative designed to create opportunities for African immigrant and refugee youth. The program partners with local corporations and offers competitive internships that can potentially lead to full-time roles, acting as a stepping stone towards a successful professional career.

Through hands-on experience, the interns gain practical skills and industry knowledge, enhancing their employability and professional network. The program is intentional in facilitating the integration of these young talents into the workforce, thus contributing to their economic empowerment and overall community development. The Internship Program is part of ACN's broader commitment to fostering education, advocacy, unity, and collaboration within the African immigrant community.

During this the youth will also learn about community engagement and organizing, know your rights etc.,

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We understand that the vitality and innovation of a company thrive on diversity and fresh perspectives. That's why this remarkable opportunity - ACN's Paid Immigrant and Refugee Youth Internship Program is great for your organization.

Our program sources dedicated, eager-to-learn interns from African immigrant and refugee communities. These are bright, tenacious young people who bring unique experiences, adaptability, and a global perspective to the workplace. They are not just looking for work experience, but an opportunity to contribute, learn, and grow.

Why should you consider partnering with us?

  1. Diversity and Inclusion: Incorporating our interns into your team enriches your company's cultural diversity and inclusion efforts, fostering a more dynamic and innovative work environment.

  2. Untapped Talent: The interns we work with are brimming with potential and fresh ideas, providing a valuable resource for your company.

  3. Growth Opportunity: By offering paid internships, you provide essential career opportunities for often underrepresented communities, supporting their professional development.

  4. Brand Image: Your support for this program demonstrates your commitment to social responsibility, positively influencing your brand's image and reputation.

  5. Flexibility: With our extensive network, we can connect you with local talent in Grand Rapids or coordinate remote internships for a nationwide reach.

Our team at ACN will work closely with you throughout this partnership, ensuring a seamless integration of these bright young individuals into your company's operations.

Let's work together to cultivate a brighter future for these young talents while enriching your workforce with unique perspectives. We would be delighted to provide further information or answer any questions you might have about the program.

Please feel free to reach out to us at

We eagerly look forward to discussing this enriching opportunity with you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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